Teachers & Counselors

Teachers & Counselors

Inspire students to discover their interests and define their futures. Help provide students with the opportunity to build their non-cognitive skills and create positive habits so they can achieve their career goals. Our comprehensive curriculum provides all the tools and support necessary for immediate implementation, while offering tremendous flexibility for a variety of settings and learners.

Signal Success in the Classroom

The Signal Success curriculum helps students advance classroom skills like communication and collaboration and develop habits and attitudes that build dependability and initiative. Engaging lessons provide applications to the world of work, meaningful future planning, and practical skills like handling finances and being professional in person and online. Curriculum materials include full lesson plans, student pages, resources, videos, and slideshows.

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Educators & Students Agree

What I struggled with most was punctuality and timeliness. This program has helped me find ways to do better and motivated me to take care of myself.”
-Marianna, Boston

“Use of the curriculum is an integral component of our efforts to infuse college and career readiness into student learning at Malden High School.  The curriculum is written in a clear and concise manner, is informative, engaging and relevant, and the staff at Commonwealth Corporation have gone above and beyond.”
-Dana Brown, Principal, Malden High School

Understanding the Youth Employment Problem

Youth employment is at its lowest point since the Great Depression. Regardless of academic success, many youth leave school with no work experience, few references, and little idea of how to present their potential to employers. Data shows a lack of early work experience has long term impacts on career and college attainment.