Schools & CBOs

Schools & CBOs

Leverage skill gain for success in school and beyond. Signal Success provides flexible curriculum that can be embedded into advisory, electives, internship/pathways courses, humanities, counseling services, or out-of-school time settings. Assessment tools are included to help measure and track the growth of each student.

How Signal Success Can Help your School/Program

Signal Success is a comprehensive career readiness curriculum, but we also understand the importance of flexibility. We work with each new school and program to adjust the curriculum materials to match your context. Professional development, webinars, and coaching services lay the groundwork for successful implementation, and we provide tailored assessment tools to measure participant learning. The Signal Success feedback loop is always open as we work to improve the offering for all.

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Educators & Students Agree

Signal Success is a high quality curriculum because it is activity rich and relevant to the work place. Youth are out of their chairs and working together. “
-Allen Fowler, Education Specialist, Community Action Youth Programs HS

Being able to practice what I would say in certain situations was so helpful. It helped me prepare for what I would say to a manager”
-Ta Poe, Lowell

The Challenge Facing Young People

Part-time work during the teen years is associated with higher education attainment, better wages, and increased quality of life, but teen employment rates have dropped dramatically over the last decade. Young people lack core skills that employers value, and these same skill deficits in communication, collaboration, initiative and dependability undermine learning and future success.