Exploring Career Values

by Janel Granum

whoamiAnyone who looks at my desk will see that I enjoy an entropic space. When I was a teacher, the drawers of my desk were often brimming with an assortment of lab supplies. As an adult, I understand my values, interests, and needs- from small to large. Having a personal space that I can organize (or not organize) may not be as important as feeling like I am helping others, but it definitely contributes to my workplace satisfaction.  For youth identifying and articulating their values is often a challenge, but the right strategies and activities can help young people better understand their needs and future fit.  Here are some strategies to help students advance their understanding. Continue reading “Exploring Career Values”

Strategies for Effective Co-Teaching

By Janel Granum

associates01On the first day of my second year of teaching I met dozens of new students and one very important and unexpected adult- my new 3rd period co-teacher. And so it went- we were thrown together and told to “make the most of it.” Luckily, we did just that and through careful co-planning and practice we worked together effectively. I quickly assumed this was the way co-facilitation often worked. I have since learned otherwise. Co-teaching is full of challenges, but it is a very powerful strategy for meeting the needs of diverse student groups, which makes it especially useful for career readiness and exploration courses. When your goal is to help students become future-ready, you must address not only the differences in standard classroom variables like reading level, processing and learning style but also the differences in personal awareness and exposure to the world of work.

Here are three important ways to make co-teaching work! Continue reading “Strategies for Effective Co-Teaching”